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Kovalev vs Ward 2: Who are you picking?

On November 19, 2016 the boxing world witnessed two of the best light-heavyweights in the world go toe to toe in a bout over the WBA, IBF, and WBO boxing titles that would decide who held supremacy in light-heavyweight division. For some this bout could be said to be the modern day version of the Leonard- Hearns 1 fight that took place on Sep 1981 and in a few ways it mirrored the contest when both Leonard and Hearns walked into Caesars Palace the very best that their weight class had to offer and with virtually no blemishes on record yet as the fight drew on it became apparent in the early going that that despite Leonard’s talent it was Hearns was the much stronger man with the better jab. However, as is the case with boxing some of the most unexpected things happen at the most unpredictable times and Leonard performed a feat that propelled him into stardom and made their fight an instant classic, he found within himself the strength to persevere and stop Hearns in the 14th round of their historic fight and quite convincingly so. As Ward and Kovalev both set foot in the ring to determine pound for pound supremacy in the light heavyweight division it was Kovalev, who like Hearns established control of the early going and even managed to drop Ward for the first time in his career . Ward to his credit made adjustments to better handle the versatile Kovalev and yet it still seemed to most of the fans as though Kovalev landed the more accurate and telling punches. Though Ward was able to persevere, unlike Leonard he was unable to stop his opponent and the final verdict rendered by the judges was a close decision win for Ward with a score card reading of 114-113. Many fans including Harold Lederman felt as though Ward was given a gift decision and that Kovalev had deserved the win, on this night if the fans agreed on anything it was that there was sure to be rematch between these two great fighters.

In the following weeks Kovalev was more than vocal about his willingness for a rematch https://twitter.com/KrusherKovalev/status/849403028331524096 even going so far as to threaten to end Wards career should they ever meet again, and it appears he’ll get his chance as both of the camps are in negotiations to fight each other again in the future. Although Kovalev is now more motivated than ever to cement his status as the best light heavyweight in the world Ward’s camp has not taken the the insults made from Kovalev’s camp lightly and Virgil Hunter who is Ward’s trainer has boldly stated that this time they will stop Kovalev in his tracks on June 17th. What are your opinions and who do you have picked as the victor of the rematch?         

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Remembering The Legend Of Muhammad Ali

Very seldom do people ever have the opportunity to watch an individual rise beyond the limitations, obstacles, and challenges that we as human beings so often encounter on the journey to achieving greatness, but on those occasions that we do witness a person achieve such feats we know in our hearts that that person is not only special, but that person after having faced the test of man and time like how steel faces the test of fire before it reaches a more purified state will change the world. That being said Muhammad Ali was many things he was an activist, a world champion, a father, an icon, and one of the most controversial figures that ever lived but perhaps the greatest thing that he has ever achieved is the fact that he has inspired millions of people in the way that he lived and the example that he set in life, such as the example that he set when he called for peace in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It would take hours or even days to sum up all of the things that Ali accomplished in life and instead of following suit after the countless other writers that wrote down every minute detail of Ali’s life, I will simply speak from my heart and say two words that sum up all of the emotions that I feel when I think of Ali. Thank You.

Thank you for taking a stand in when you refused to fight in the Vietnam War and being one of the figures that brought the conflict to an end. Thank you for being a man of conviction and following those convictions even when they weren’t the most popular ones. Thank you for defying racism, your participation in the Civil Rights Movement and being outspoken in all the injustices that you witnessed in your lifetime. You know I wish that like so many others I would one day have the chance to meet you and shake your hand and say that I’m your biggest fan like you’ve heard so many other countless people say, I wish I could have asked you questions like who gave you the toughest fight of your life, did you ever once doubt yourself and if so how and what did you do to re inspire yourself, and if you could go back and change one thing you did in life what would it be. But I guess I won’t get that chance now. they say that you can destroy a man’s body, but if you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can’t stop you, then you become something else entirely and that is legend. So you may be gone Ali but in our hearts and in the hearts of every boxing practitioner, rising star, current and future Hall of Famers you will never be forgotten. images Thank You

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Manny Pacquiao keys to victory

On May 2nd Manny Pacquiao is likely going to face the most dangerous opponent of both his life and career as he steps into the ring in an attempt to defeat pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather and after so many long years of the rivalry between these two men brewing it’s hard to believe that fight is happening tonight. Of the many fighters that Floyd has faced is seems that Pacquiao is likely the last hope anyone has in attempting to dethrone the undefeated champion and unlike the last few opponents Mayweather has faced, it’s safe to say Pacquiao may have a good chance to even score a knockout in the late running of the fight if he somehow manages to hurt Mayweather. Pacquiao has all of the tools necessary to give Floyd problems during the early going and and middle to late rounds of the fight and the strengths he will bring to the ring are undeniable even to the most devout Mayweather fans. Among the strengths the gutsy Filipino brings to the ring is his ridiculously fast hand speed and he is more than capable of beating Floyd to the punch if the fight comes down to a contest of speed, Pacquiao’s knockout power is dangerous to anyone and he’s used it time after time to finish off countless opponents in brutal fashion, although it is not an often stated strength you have to acknowledge that Pacquiao’s footwork can make him elusive in the ring and that asset coupled with his speed can make him a difficult target to hit while he peppers you with hard punches, Pacquiao’s ruthlessness and killer instinct inside of the boxing ring mean that he’s a deadly finisher if he gets you in a compromising situation and in all honesty Floyd has been rocked in the past by people that have found even the slightest flaws in his defense. For Pacquiao to win this fight he will have to keep Mayweather moving to the left and within range of his left hand, I believe that Pacquiao will need to be on the move while using his jab to set Floyd up to be hit with numerous punches while he evades shots in turn, and given the fact that Pacquiao has a 5 inch shorter reach than Mayweather it’s likely he will need to be on the inside while using his foot movement to create new angles from which he can attack Floyd. Not many of know how exactly the fight will play out but no doubt the pressure and intensity leading up to it have elevated both Pacman and his nemesis to another level, but as is always the case in the sport of boxing only one man can emerge victorious.


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Floyd Mayweather keys to victory on May 2nd

  On May 2nd Floyd Mayweather will step into the ring to face quite possibly the most dangerous fighter of his career in Manny Pacquiao, a fighter that embodies most of the characteristics that it would take to give Floyd trouble, he has blistering hand speed, a strong southpaw left hook, quick and skillful foot work, an aggressive headstrong attitude, one of the best trainers in the business in Freddy Roach, and an unyielding sense of pride gained by representing his countrymen which he has used to pull himself through even the most difficult of fights. This is not to say that Floyd himself does not have strengths that are no doubt bound to give his opponent the  fight of his life, and by all rights its safe to say that if Manny is Floyd’s most dangerous opponent yet then Floyd is also Manny’s as Floyd himself has an almost endless array of skills that he’ll no doubt use to give the Filipino trouble on fight night. Among Floyd’s most dangerous assets are his precision and we’ve seen Floyd use it time and again to wear down and weaken fighters that were twice his size and had twice the punching power that he did, as we all know Floyd also has an impeccable defense and is very elusive and hard to hit in the ring and Pacquiao may have a hard time trying to hit his mark on fight night, Floyd’s footwork and ring generalship can’t be called into question and he’s frequently used these tools set traps and dance his way around the ring while scoring points on the  scorecards, add that to his defense and he’s all the more difficult to fight, but perhaps Floyd’s most dangerous weapon is the power of his mind itself and from the time he graced the sport of boxing even up to this point he has proven himself a prodigy and a master of the craft in every way even being capable to adapt to the most difficult fights and situations in the ring. I believe that for Floyd to be successful he will have to keep Manny moving to the right and within the range of his right hand, he should also use his ring generalship and foot movement to make it difficult for Pacquiao to land and throw combinations, in addition to these Floyd should use the fact that there is a 5 inch reach difference between these two fighters to keep Pacquiao on the outside of his jab while setting  him up for traps. We likely won’t know what sort of game plan Floyd is going to bring until the bell rings but one things for sure and even sources close to Floyd have confirmed it coming into this fight Floyd is a man on a mission and is not going to let anything not even Manny Pacquiao get in the way of his bid for pound for pound supremacy.

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Why Floyd Mayweather may beat Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd

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   Ever since Floyd Mayweather stepped foot inside of the boxing ring during his early years it was obvious that he was destined for greatness, he had some of the fastest hands and feet in the sport, he was a master tactician and strategist who possessed excellent ring generalship skills, he could adjust to any style and situation on the fly, and as if that wasn’t enough he had the type of charisma and confidence that could leave an entire audience full of even people that were hostile towards him hanging on his every word. But life for the now multi million dollar icon was not always an easy one and if anyone knew what it meant to have work one’s way up from poverty and anonymity to the heights of boxing and stardom it was Floyd Mayweather, who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 24, 1977 had a tough early childhood and in the process turned to boxing as an outlet to channel his frustrations and amassing a record of 84 wins and only 6 losses also winning the national Golden Gloves championships in 1993, 1994 and 1996 along the way utilizing defensive boxing techniques and skills that his father and uncle taught him leading to him being virtually untouchable in most bouts and also earning the name “Pretty Boy” in the process. From there Floyd ended up fighting in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia and although dominating most of the competition he was eventually robbed of the gold medal he had worked so hard for, this however only strengthened both Mayweather’s resolve to become an even better fighter and on October 11, 1996 he dominated fellow newcomer Robert Apodaca in a second round knockout also winning a majority of the following matches by knockout before facing world ranked #1 super featherweight Genaro Hernandez and defeating him by knockout in the eighth round and defeating Angel Manfredy, Carlos Rios, Justin Juuko, Mitch Halpern, Carlos Gerena, Gregorio Vargas and Emanuel Burton. Finally in a step up in competition Floyd Mayweather would face and completely batter Diego Corrales for the IBF super featherweight title by stoppage inside of 10 rounds. After his dominating performance over Corrales Mayweather would win a controversial decision over Jose Luis Castillo before winning decisively in their rematch, outclassing Arturo “Thunder” Gatti and even defeating Zab Judah and Carlos Baldomir for the IBF and WBC welterweight titles.

   Before long Mayweather would set his sights on Oscar Dela Hoya and the two superstars would meet in what would be a bout that would be dubbed “The World Awaits”which also broke the record for the most pay per view buys for a boxing match. Though the fight was competitive Floyd persevered and would defeat Oscar via a split decision next moving on to defeat the tenacious Ricky Hatton by knockout, seasoned veterans Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley by unanimous decision, and hungry contender Victor Ortiz by knockout as well. Mayweather would soon find himself facing Puerto Rican legend Miguel Cotto in a fight that would push him to limits he had never faced before and ultimately winning a tough unanimous decision, soundly defeating Robert Guerrero and famed  Mexican super star Saul Alvarez. In May 3rd, 2014 Mayweather went on to defeat Marcos Maidana in a hard fought majority decision before earning a clearer unanimous decision victory later on during the year in September 13, 2014 proving that he still has the potential to defeat even the most dangerous fighters despite now being 38. Finally after years of verbal jabs and failed negotiations Floyd Mayweather will take on quite possibly the biggest threat to his reign in fellow boxing legend and icon Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd and although Pacquiao has advantages that could prove difficult for Mayweather, time has shown us again and again that the current pound for pound king is more than capable of rising to any challenge.

Floyd Mayweather has several advantages that he could use to defeat the Filipino icon among them are his excellent ring generalship skills which he could use to control the pace and tempo of the fight, his sense of timing which we’ve seen Floyd use to land solid counter shots after he’s learned his opponents rhythm, his hand speed which I believe are on par with Manny Pacquiao’s, his impeccable defense that has time and again made touching him virtually impossible, and last but not least his skills and abilities as an expert strategist and tactician that Floyd’s often uses to lure his opponent’s into traps all the while landing most of his shots at will. Only time will tell what May 2nd will bring and no doubt we will get the privilege of seeing two of the greatest boxers in the world at the top of their game give the fans a fight they won’t forget. Either way Floyd’s status as a solid pound for pound fighter have been solidified and his status as a worldwide legend and icon are without a doubt undeniable.

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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao inked for May 2nd.

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For years and years boxing fans were enthralled with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, and each and every-time they fought true boxing fans could have sworn that it was a holiday, we would gather together with friends and order pizza, go to a local bar, or order the fight at home and watch it with family, either way when these two titans in the sport of boxing laced up the gloves if you were a true fan or follower of the sport you made sure to give them your undivided attention. Yet despite the nostalgia we boxing fans would always get from watching these two fight, there would always linger the debate that has constantly reared its head and worked its way into countless conversations for the past ten years, among Pacquiao and Mayweather who was the better man. And for the past ten years ask any two boxing fans for the answer to that question and I can promise you there will be an endless debate with both parties giving a myriad of reasons of why their chosen fighters would more or less beat his opponent without much difficulty. These debates were only made even more difficult due to the fact that these fighters could never come to an agreement or concede enough to each other’s demands to get a deal inked so that us fans could finally get the mega-fight we’ve all been waiting for.

At last after countless hours of waiting boxing fans will finally get treated to one of the biggest fights of this generation as two of the biggest icons in boxing will finally go head to head in what will be a fight that will likely become an instant classic remembered for decades to come. For the first time in a long time Mayweather and Pacquiao have at last come to the table on a positive note and reached an agreement that will allow them to fight at the MGM Grand Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and from whats been circulating the fight will likely gross well over 250 million with both fighters making a substantial amount of money at the end of the night. While the amount of money to be made for both fighters is no doubt staggering it is the fight itself that interests me the most, and on May 2nd no more will there be the long constant debate hanging around as to who is the better fighter, no longer will boxing fans worldwide be left frustrated and disappointed with failed negotiations and empty talk, on May 2nd boxing will go back to its roots as it was back in the golden age, the familiar sound of screaming and excitement as fans fill the arena, the feeling of anticipation and excitement as you watch the undercard with friends and family knowing the main event is drawing closer, and lastly the arrival of the main event itself as two of the greatest fighters in this era will clash over supremacy and who deserves the title as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

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Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather

The golden age of boxing took place years ago during a time when titles were few in number, the best fought the best, and in order to establish themselves as a true champions fighters, especially African Americans had to overcome immense obstacles on their way to the top. In this era there was one fighter that managed to break away from the pack to establish himself as quite possibly the greatest fighter of all time and, his name….Sugar Ray Robinson and this man of course needed no introductions as his legacy will resound throughout the annals of boxing for years to come, but for those of you that didn’t know who he was it’s only fair to fill you in on a bit of his history. Ray Robinson was born Walker Smith Jr on May 3rd, 1921, and from a young age took up the sport of boxing which would become a lifelong career and ambition, but even though Ray was taught to fight in a gym that was shared by many other fighters he was unique, you see Ray was fast with a good jab, had tremendous footwork, amazing punching power, a high boxing IQ, and a style so smooth that his trainers stated that it was as sweet as sugar; it was these qualities that allowed Ray to swiftly dominate most of the other fighters in his way and establish himself as a true all time great. Another one of Ray’s most impressive feats were the level of competition that he faced and trust me when I tell you that these guys were no pushovers among some of the names that he faced were Randy Turpin, Carmen Basilio, Jake Lamotta of which he would have six wars with, Gene Fullmer, Kid Gavilan, and Rocky Graziano, real killers of their time and while it would take forever to go over all of his wins and losses since the man had roughly 200 fights this was yet another testament to his legacy. Ray Robinson was such a influential figure in the sport of boxing that even other all-time greats such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Sugar Rashad Evans would take on either his name or his style even to this day. To finally top it off Sugar Ray Robinson’s legacy be remembered for not merely just his in ring performance but also by the flamboyance he displayed outside of the ring since enjoyed some of the finer things in life such as the flashy clothing, the charm and good looks that made him the envy of the public eye, and the extravagant pink flamingo Cadillac that he drove. Sugar Ray was truly a man to be revered in the sport of boxing and will always be remembered for the champion that he was and the barriers that he broke, but would these have been enough to defeat his present day rival.

In today’s sport it’s hard to mention the word boxing or P4P great without thinking or mentioning Floyd Mayweather, let’s face it whether you like the man or not you have to acknowledged that he’s stepped to the plate time and time again and faced the hungry contenders that have been placed in front of him both winning yet another belt and keeping his 0 intact. Floyd Mayweather is a technical genius in the sport of boxing, one that possesses an excellent jab, the in ring generalship and speed to offset any opponent, and not only can he utilize these as offensive tools, he can switch them up to serve as an untouchable defense. When Floyd made his pro debut on October 11, 1996, like Ray Robinson he established himself as a unique individual with some commentators and observers such as Gil Clancy and Emmanuel Steward calling him a prodigy, and how right they were Floyd would go on from defeating the respected Genaro Hernandez to adding to his list of victims the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Saul Alvarez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez, and most recently Marcos Maidana. In this era full of young and hungry contenders Floyd has to be on top of his game to stay at the pinnacle of boxing and so he does, if you’ve never seen Floyd train before it’s hard to imagine that anyone makes as hard of an effort in the gym as he does putting in hours of time in the gym to keep perfect the skill set that has allowed him to remain at the top of the Pound for Pound list. Like the great Ray Robinson before him Floyd has a flamboyant personality and with the ridiculous amount of cash he makes per fight it’s hard not to see the fruits of his labor with the wide assortment of cars and designer’s clothes in his possession. But the question remains if Floyd has ever truly faced the level of competition Ray Robinson came up against and could he have fought on par with a fighter that has mastered the very craft of boxing itself and can utilize every style of boxing available from boxing to the inside game.

Now despite the personal feelings you may or may not have for these two fighters, you will have to acknowledge that they are both very talented and skilled at their craft and most likely don’t have very many equals.I can see this fight being a technical battle that will force these two to bring out their A game in order to find a way to win and in that moment is when you can truly judge the worth of a champion. Not only would the in ring battle be interesting but imagine the clash of personalities that would result in the press conferences leading up to the fight. I’d like to know your opinions who do you have winning in this battle of P4P greats.