Fantasy Fights

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather

The golden age of boxing took place years ago during a time when titles were few in number, the best fought the best, and in order to establish themselves as a true champions fighters, especially African Americans had to overcome immense obstacles on their way to the top. In this era there was one fighter […]

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Roberto Duran

Roberto Duran, the name itself is enough to invoke the fear of god into the soul of any man inside of the boxing world that heard it and for good reason, simply put he was a beast that set out to not only humiliate his opponents outside of the ring but to destroy them inside […]

Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson who wins?

The day was January 17, 1942, a child was born to Cassius Marcellus Clay and to Odessa O’Grady Clay at the dawn of a new year in Louisville, Kentucky; but this child was not the ordinary child you saw following the everyday routine kids follow no he was special and most people that met him […]