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Meldrick Taylor Vs Manny Pacquiao


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Boxing has more than seen its share of fighters that step into the ring equipped with blistering hand speed from Mike Tyson, Aaron Davis, and Ali to Gary Russel Jr and and Roy Jones to name a few. Although I could most definitely add on to this list today my attentions are moreso focused on two speedsters in particular who were huge stars in their era and overwhelmed a slew of opponents with some of the fastest hands the sport has ever seen. Today fans I give you the fantasy boxing match-up between Meldrick Taylor and the Pac-Man Manny Pacquiao as well as my analysis on what would have been the outcome of their match had they met at welterweight.


Ask anyone who Manny Pacquiao is and odds are you’ll receive a variety of different responses, some would likely be happy to tell you about him, his many championships, his charitable donations, and his multi-divisional accomplishments and championships as a fighter and on the other hand you have those fans that would look insulted that you have no clue as to who the Pac- Man is. But if I could use one word to describe him it would be…. FAST… this is one word that no one would ever be able to deny about Pacquiao especially given the many demonstrations he has provided us with in the ring. Ever since Pacquiao joined forces with illustrious trainer Freddie Roach he has seen no end to improvement and a variety of victories over great Latin American legends such as Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Miguel Cotto has shown the Filipino to indeed be a force to reckoned with. As Floyd Mayweather put it in his victory over his nemesis, victory was not easy and Pacquiao was indeed a solid test.


On the other end we have Meldrick Taylor who in the 80’s and 90’s was a fast rising star well on his way to super-stardom and was being groomed by Lou Duva to fill the shoes of the departing Sugar Ray Leonard and those who watched this young contender in action were afterward very pressed to say the same. Taylor had few detractors and as he rapidly progressed he began to add to his list of victims a few noteworthy names such as Aron Davis for example. Yet on March 17, 1990 his star fell short at the hands of Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez and his career took a nosedive that never recovered from that point forward.  Sad to say that unlike Pacquiao, Taylor never experienced his full potential and in later years would his name fade into a sort of obscurity as like with Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier his name would and to this day is synonymous with the man who bested him, Julio Cesar Chavez. Although he is one of my personal favorites its sad to say that today not very many people of today’s generation know who Taylor is outside of his encounter with Chavez. But how would a match with Pacman have panned out, would Taylor have defeated him or fallen short of victory as a contest of speed began to unfold?


No doubt as with other contests the opening rounds would be a feeling out process with both southpaw and right handed fighter attempting to establish lead foot dominance and the jab to set the pace for the rest of the fight. Both Taylor and Pacquiao would no doubt circle while firing a series of fast jabs that would continue until one got the other’s rhythm or an adjustment was made by their corners. I believe as though Taylor’s boxing skill and sense timing would confuse and frustrate Manny Pacquiao in the early stages of the bout perhaps rounds 1-3 as the fight nears to the middle rounds. Despite his early advantage one must not forget that both Taylor and Pacquiao have both during their fights developed the bad habit of being reckless and having a vulnerability to body punches so the fight enters into 4-7 either cut would develop on either man as has happened in the past or one would start to slow as a result of being hit repetitively with body blows and this would be the deciding factor of the fight. Rounds 8-12 would without a doubt be the bloodiest and most brutal of the match as the fighter that slows will no doubt continue taking a beating until either the match is stopped or goes to a decision. To be honest I leave the outcome to that of the fans as this would be a match-up too difficult for me to decide. As I’ve stated before both men share similar strengths and weaknesses and I believe that the victor would be decided on who would keep their composure the longest. Seeing as how both men loved to engage in fire fights this is one fight that could very well be unpredictable in nature….but then again hasn’t that always been the nature of boxing. Be sure to comment and tell me what you think fellow fans







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