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Claressa Shields Keys to victory

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  Claressa Shields has since her debut into the boxing world has widely been touted as quite possibly the best female fighter in in the women’s division despite her having only a few fights under her belt and the fact that she has been given a title shot so early into her professional career seems to only be proof that she has a great deal of backing from both promoters and fans alike. Tonight Claressa will meet Nikki Adler to determine who is the best in the women’s division and who has earned the right to hold the WBC and IBF super middleweight championship belts and although she is widely expected to win she has nonetheless taken her training seriously as she has prepared for what is shaping up to be the most important fight of her young career. In her way is Nikki Adler who is the current undefeated champion and kingpin of the middleweight division.

While Adler may not have the blistering hand and foot speed we’ve seen of Claressa she is nonetheless undefeated for a reason and as such is not someone that should be taken lightly regardless of the quality of her competition. That said what are the Claressa’s keys to victory and what should she do in order to secure the title belts coming home with her?

  • Use speed: There is an old saying in boxing that speed kills and seeing as how she has a ton of it Claressa should make the most of hers to keep Adler off balance and confused.
  • Utilize power punches: Shields most recently in a sparring video with Cris Cyborg was shown throwing punches with devastating force and also seems to be much stronger than Adler in that regard, as a result she would be well served to use that power to deal the champion hard blows.
  • Utilize Boxing skill: The fact that she holds two golds medals should be proof enough that Shields has the talent to compete at the upper echelons of the boxing world and it is tool that she has used with great skill to win her past couple of fights and is something that is bound to give Adler fits if used properly tonight.
  • Movement: While Adler has seemed to be flatfooted in her past fight Claressa by comparison moves fast on her feet and in coordination with her hands could pose serious problems for the champ, the use of movement should definitely allow Claressa to create various angles of attack in which to land shots throughout the night.

I believe that it is with these keys Claressa should be able to take home the victory and the title belts tonight, until then I wish the best to both fighter and wait with the rest of the fans in anticipation of fight night.


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