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Shields Vs Adler

Tomorrow Claressa Shields and Nikki Adler will face off in what has shaped up to be one of the most anticipated fights of this year. As it is this match has already begun making waves in the boxing world because one of the participants Claressa Shields a two time Olympic Gold medalist will be making a bid for the WBC and IBF super middleweight titles. Even though Nikki Adler is the champion it is Shields who is largely expected to to be the winner of tomorrow’s bout although this does not mean that Shields should make the mistake of counting out Adler who has proven herself to be a hardy fighter in past bouts. As anyone knows anything can happen in the sport of boxing and if Adler proves to be crafty in the ring one could begin to understand why she may prove to be trouble for Shields.

As anticipation for the fight begins to build it’s not difficult for anyone to understand exactly why it is that Claressa Shields is favored to win tomorrow’s bout however, she is younger, faster, and from the looks of it more skilled than Adler who has in past fights seemed to possess much slower hands in comparison to the lightning fast speed demonstrated by Shields in a recent sparring session with Cris Cyborg. Cyborg herself has stated that she believes that Shields will dominate the bout from start to finish. One thing is for sure when Adler steps into the ring she will be facing a young contender with two gold medals of boxing experience under her belt and an unfazed desire to win and this is a fighter that will either solidify her status as champion or give way to a new era in boxing dominated by Shields.



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