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Rigondeaux Vs Lomachenko?

   When both Guillermo Rigondeaux and Lomachenko stepped on to the boxing scene in both 2009 and 2013 respectively the boxing world took note and the praises that these two fighters have received have yet to be proven wrong by any detractors as both Lomachenko and Rigondeaux have both gone on to establish themselves as dominant champions in both the lightweight and bantamweight divisions. But as has always been the case in competitive sports the law of the jungle is that there can never be two kings reigning over one throne, either one concedes or is defeated and takes his places among the unknown and irrelevant or he prevails and as victor establishes himself as the dominant figure.  This is a theme that sets the tone for something that is not new to any boxing fan as when two great fighter emerge it is not long before comparisons are drawn, words are exchanged, and the fans do as they have always done in the past…. they demand blood. Just as the fans took sides with Sugar Ray Robinson vs Jake Lamotta, Leonard vs Hagler, Chavez vs Taylor, Toney vs Jones, and Mayweather vs Pacquiao I anticipate that they will do much of the same with this fight and now that Guillermo Rigondeaux has take many a verbal step to draw Lomachenko into a fight it appears that this is a contest that may happen sooner rather than later for the fans.

For the most part the exchange has taken place more on twitter than anywhere else however the slightest move from either man seems to stir the fans into pressuring both fighters into meeting in the ring now. This is a fight that could be very good for boxing because both of these fighters have the slick and skillful styles that truly encompass what it means to call boxing the art of the “sweet science”. One thing is for sure is that while fans generally consider Lomachenko the more entertaining of the two with Rigondeaux being thought of as a less crowd pleasing fighter it goes without saying that in the lighter divisions he is considered to be on of the few fighters capable of holding his own or even defeating Lomachenko for that matter. While this fight has not generally created the same amount of buzz that we saw from the Mayweather Pacquiao fight it is certainly something that has boxing purists and hardcore fans licking their chops in anticipation. But fellow fans as we all know anything can happen in this sport that is itself something both simultaneously beautiful and brutal so until the bell rings we will do as we have always done in the past in anticipation of the great fights we will weather the calm before the storm, pick sides, and wait.



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