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Whats next for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

On May 6th, millions of boxing fans around the world to watch the showdown that was to determine who was to carry the crown left behind by Oscar De La Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. as the next great Mexican boxing star, unfortunately those expectations were shattered and left many fans outraged some of whom either spent their hard earned dollars to buy the PPV or showed up to the fight to watch it in person. In the opening round all the way to the 12th round it became apparent that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. the son of Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. was going to do little in the way of throwing punches and throughout the fight he way steadily dominated by Saul Canelo Alvarez who looked to be his superior in terms of speed, power, agility and strength. Needless to say the outcome of the fight does not do much to help the case of Chavez who was already suffering from criticism over the course of his career and even now raises more questions than answers. The most prominent question on most people’s minds is what is next for the fighter that was at one time considered to be heir apparent to P4P throne in boxing. Given this most recent loss which was a fight that neither fighter could afford to lose one has to wonder whether or not we’ll ever see Chavez fight at the elite level of boxing ever again considering the beating that he was most recently handed. While his rival Canelo Alvarez has secured a fight with the dangerous GGG it appears that Chavez may fall further into anonymity despite his attempt at recognition or his father’s legacy to back him up. What are your thoughts fans should Chavez retire or continue on in the ring.


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