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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. : Keys to victory and whats at stake.



For every man there inevitably comes a time when he must step into his own and either become what he is destined to be or fall short of that destiny never to achieve those great things that were expected of him. And for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr that moment has now and once again become a reality as on May 6th Chavez will face what is perhaps the biggest test of a career that has seen it’s ups and down and has been marked at best by controversy concerning the level of opponents he’s fought and as to whether or not he could live up to the legacy established by his father something that has constantly been a recurring subject throughout his career. For many including myself, when Chavez Jr first came onto the scene in 2003 he was seen as the next future legend in a succession that went from greats like Salvador Sanchez, Chavez Sr., Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, and more. As time progressed it became painfully apparent that Chavez was suffering from a lack of discipline which was something that served to slow his ability to achieve his full potential and with a steady stream of what most people considered to be weak opposition it wasn’t long before fans came to view Chavez as little more than  unfulfilled hype.

Yet at times there were moments wherein Chavez displayed to people that he could in fact live up to his father’s legacy and even establish for himself a name that could be respected by all such as when down on the scorecards against Sergio Martinez he came back to nearly stop the dominant middleweight champion in what was a fight that mirrored the Chavez Sr vs Taylor fight over a decade earlier and his impressive performances against Andy Lee and Marco Antonio Rubio. These victories though seemed to take a backseat to the TKO loss he suffered to Andrzej Fonfara and the controversial first fight he had with Brian Vera in which many felt as though he had lost. Here and now Chavez is once again given an opportunity to show the fans that despite the losses, criticisms, and setbacks he’s encountered he can still pull through to achieve his full potential. And yet as has been the case with his past fights, it has never been a matter of whether the fans believe in him but a matter of whether he can deliver.

In Alvarez, Chavez faces an opponent that has developed rapidly over the years and has gone from facing mid level fighters to koing and defeating elite level fighters. Alvarez is a well rounded boxer capable of attacking from many different angles at once only made more complicated by the fact that his defense has become more solid and refined over the years and he has discipline that is the exact opposite of what we’ve seen from Chavez over the years. Despite the advantages that Alvarez has it important to note that Chavez himself has  some advantages of his own such as his ability to come back from seemingly hopeless rounds to stop his opponents and his ability to adjust to opponents over the course of the fight. One thing that is for sure is the fact that when the two men step into the ring on the 6th it will be Chavez who will be the bigger of the two fighters, and advantage he’d be well suited and advised to use. And while Alvarez  himself has a most impressive knockout record, Chavez has displayed tremendous knockout power that could no doubt hurt Alvarez should he land cleanly. Be sure to tune in on the 6th to witness these two great fighters go head to head to determine who is the best among them.


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