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Kovalev vs Ward 2: Who are you picking?

On November 19, 2016 the boxing world witnessed two of the best light-heavyweights in the world go toe to toe in a bout over the WBA, IBF, and WBO boxing titles that would decide who held supremacy in light-heavyweight division. For some this bout could be said to be the modern day version of the Leonard- Hearns 1 fight that took place on Sep 1981 and in a few ways it mirrored the contest when both Leonard and Hearns walked into Caesars Palace the very best that their weight class had to offer and with virtually no blemishes on record yet as the fight drew on it became apparent in the early going that that despite Leonard’s talent it was Hearns was the much stronger man with the better jab. However, as is the case with boxing some of the most unexpected things happen at the most unpredictable times and Leonard performed a feat that propelled him into stardom and made their fight an instant classic, he found within himself the strength to persevere and stop Hearns in the 14th round of their historic fight and quite convincingly so. As Ward and Kovalev both set foot in the ring to determine pound for pound supremacy in the light heavyweight division it was Kovalev, who like Hearns established control of the early going and even managed to drop Ward for the first time in his career . Ward to his credit made adjustments to better handle the versatile Kovalev and yet it still seemed to most of the fans as though Kovalev landed the more accurate and telling punches. Though Ward was able to persevere, unlike Leonard he was unable to stop his opponent and the final verdict rendered by the judges was a close decision win for Ward with a score card reading of 114-113. Many fans including Harold Lederman felt as though Ward was given a gift decision and that Kovalev had deserved the win, on this night if the fans agreed on anything it was that there was sure to be rematch between these two great fighters.

In the following weeks Kovalev was more than vocal about his willingness for a rematch https://twitter.com/KrusherKovalev/status/849403028331524096 even going so far as to threaten to end Wards career should they ever meet again, and it appears he’ll get his chance as both of the camps are in negotiations to fight each other again in the future. Although Kovalev is now more motivated than ever to cement his status as the best light heavyweight in the world Ward’s camp has not taken the the insults made from Kovalev’s camp lightly and Virgil Hunter who is Ward’s trainer has boldly stated that this time they will stop Kovalev in his tracks on June 17th. What are your opinions and who do you have picked as the victor of the rematch?         


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