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Remembering The Legend Of Muhammad Ali

Very seldom do people ever have the opportunity to watch an individual rise beyond the limitations, obstacles, and challenges that we as human beings so often encounter on the journey to achieving greatness, but on those occasions that we do witness a person achieve such feats we know in our hearts that that person is not only special, but that person after having faced the test of man and time like how steel faces the test of fire before it reaches a more purified state will change the world. That being said Muhammad Ali was many things he was an activist, a world champion, a father, an icon, and one of the most controversial figures that ever lived but perhaps the greatest thing that he has ever achieved is the fact that he has inspired millions of people in the way that he lived and the example that he set in life, such as the example that he set when he called for peace in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It would take hours or even days to sum up all of the things that Ali accomplished in life and instead of following suit after the countless other writers that wrote down every minute detail of Ali’s life, I will simply speak from my heart and say two words that sum up all of the emotions that I feel when I think of Ali. Thank You.

Thank you for taking a stand in when you refused to fight in the Vietnam War and being one of the figures that brought the conflict to an end. Thank you for being a man of conviction and following those convictions even when they weren’t the most popular ones. Thank you for defying racism, your participation in the Civil Rights Movement and being outspoken in all the injustices that you witnessed in your lifetime. You know I wish that like so many others I would one day have the chance to meet you and shake your hand and say that I’m your biggest fan like you’ve heard so many other countless people say, I wish I could have asked you questions like who gave you the toughest fight of your life, did you ever once doubt yourself and if so how and what did you do to re inspire yourself, and if you could go back and change one thing you did in life what would it be. But I guess I won’t get that chance now. they say that you can destroy a man’s body, but if you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can’t stop you, then you become something else entirely and that is legend. So you may be gone Ali but in our hearts and in the hearts of every boxing practitioner, rising star, current and future Hall of Famers you will never be forgotten. images Thank You


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