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Manny Pacquiao keys to victory

On May 2nd Manny Pacquiao is likely going to face the most dangerous opponent of both his life and career as he steps into the ring in an attempt to defeat pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather and after so many long years of the rivalry between these two men brewing it’s hard to believe that fight is happening tonight. Of the many fighters that Floyd has faced is seems that Pacquiao is likely the last hope anyone has in attempting to dethrone the undefeated champion and unlike the last few opponents Mayweather has faced, it’s safe to say Pacquiao may have a good chance to even score a knockout in the late running of the fight if he somehow manages to hurt Mayweather. Pacquiao has all of the tools necessary to give Floyd problems during the early going and and middle to late rounds of the fight and the strengths he will bring to the ring are undeniable even to the most devout Mayweather fans. Among the strengths the gutsy Filipino brings to the ring is his ridiculously fast hand speed and he is more than capable of beating Floyd to the punch if the fight comes down to a contest of speed, Pacquiao’s knockout power is dangerous to anyone and he’s used it time after time to finish off countless opponents in brutal fashion, although it is not an often stated strength you have to acknowledge that Pacquiao’s footwork can make him elusive in the ring and that asset coupled with his speed can make him a difficult target to hit while he peppers you with hard punches, Pacquiao’s ruthlessness and killer instinct inside of the boxing ring mean that he’s a deadly finisher if he gets you in a compromising situation and in all honesty Floyd has been rocked in the past by people that have found even the slightest flaws in his defense. For Pacquiao to win this fight he will have to keep Mayweather moving to the left and within range of his left hand, I believe that Pacquiao will need to be on the move while using his jab to set Floyd up to be hit with numerous punches while he evades shots in turn, and given the fact that Pacquiao has a 5 inch shorter reach than Mayweather it’s likely he will need to be on the inside while using his foot movement to create new angles from which he can attack Floyd. Not many of know how exactly the fight will play out but no doubt the pressure and intensity leading up to it have elevated both Pacman and his nemesis to another level, but as is always the case in the sport of boxing only one man can emerge victorious.



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