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Floyd Mayweather keys to victory on May 2nd

  On May 2nd Floyd Mayweather will step into the ring to face quite possibly the most dangerous fighter of his career in Manny Pacquiao, a fighter that embodies most of the characteristics that it would take to give Floyd trouble, he has blistering hand speed, a strong southpaw left hook, quick and skillful foot work, an aggressive headstrong attitude, one of the best trainers in the business in Freddy Roach, and an unyielding sense of pride gained by representing his countrymen which he has used to pull himself through even the most difficult of fights. This is not to say that Floyd himself does not have strengths that are no doubt bound to give his opponent the  fight of his life, and by all rights its safe to say that if Manny is Floyd’s most dangerous opponent yet then Floyd is also Manny’s as Floyd himself has an almost endless array of skills that he’ll no doubt use to give the Filipino trouble on fight night. Among Floyd’s most dangerous assets are his precision and we’ve seen Floyd use it time and again to wear down and weaken fighters that were twice his size and had twice the punching power that he did, as we all know Floyd also has an impeccable defense and is very elusive and hard to hit in the ring and Pacquiao may have a hard time trying to hit his mark on fight night, Floyd’s footwork and ring generalship can’t be called into question and he’s frequently used these tools set traps and dance his way around the ring while scoring points on the  scorecards, add that to his defense and he’s all the more difficult to fight, but perhaps Floyd’s most dangerous weapon is the power of his mind itself and from the time he graced the sport of boxing even up to this point he has proven himself a prodigy and a master of the craft in every way even being capable to adapt to the most difficult fights and situations in the ring. I believe that for Floyd to be successful he will have to keep Manny moving to the right and within the range of his right hand, he should also use his ring generalship and foot movement to make it difficult for Pacquiao to land and throw combinations, in addition to these Floyd should use the fact that there is a 5 inch reach difference between these two fighters to keep Pacquiao on the outside of his jab while setting  him up for traps. We likely won’t know what sort of game plan Floyd is going to bring until the bell rings but one things for sure and even sources close to Floyd have confirmed it coming into this fight Floyd is a man on a mission and is not going to let anything not even Manny Pacquiao get in the way of his bid for pound for pound supremacy.


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