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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao inked for May 2nd.

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For years and years boxing fans were enthralled with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, and each and every-time they fought true boxing fans could have sworn that it was a holiday, we would gather together with friends and order pizza, go to a local bar, or order the fight at home and watch it with family, either way when these two titans in the sport of boxing laced up the gloves if you were a true fan or follower of the sport you made sure to give them your undivided attention. Yet despite the nostalgia we boxing fans would always get from watching these two fight, there would always linger the debate that has constantly reared its head and worked its way into countless conversations for the past ten years, among Pacquiao and Mayweather who was the better man. And for the past ten years ask any two boxing fans for the answer to that question and I can promise you there will be an endless debate with both parties giving a myriad of reasons of why their chosen fighters would more or less beat his opponent without much difficulty. These debates were only made even more difficult due to the fact that these fighters could never come to an agreement or concede enough to each other’s demands to get a deal inked so that us fans could finally get the mega-fight we’ve all been waiting for.

At last after countless hours of waiting boxing fans will finally get treated to one of the biggest fights of this generation as two of the biggest icons in boxing will finally go head to head in what will be a fight that will likely become an instant classic remembered for decades to come. For the first time in a long time Mayweather and Pacquiao have at last come to the table on a positive note and reached an agreement that will allow them to fight at the MGM Grand Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and from whats been circulating the fight will likely gross well over 250 million with both fighters making a substantial amount of money at the end of the night. While the amount of money to be made for both fighters is no doubt staggering it is the fight itself that interests me the most, and on May 2nd no more will there be the long constant debate hanging around as to who is the better fighter, no longer will boxing fans worldwide be left frustrated and disappointed with failed negotiations and empty talk, on May 2nd boxing will go back to its roots as it was back in the golden age, the familiar sound of screaming and excitement as fans fill the arena, the feeling of anticipation and excitement as you watch the undercard with friends and family knowing the main event is drawing closer, and lastly the arrival of the main event itself as two of the greatest fighters in this era will clash over supremacy and who deserves the title as one of the greatest fighters of all time.


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