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Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather

The golden age of boxing took place years ago during a time when titles were few in number, the best fought the best, and in order to establish themselves as a true champions fighters, especially African Americans had to overcome immense obstacles on their way to the top. In this era there was one fighter that managed to break away from the pack to establish himself as quite possibly the greatest fighter of all time and, his name….Sugar Ray Robinson and this man of course needed no introductions as his legacy will resound throughout the annals of boxing for years to come, but for those of you that didn’t know who he was it’s only fair to fill you in on a bit of his history. Ray Robinson was born Walker Smith Jr on May 3rd, 1921, and from a young age took up the sport of boxing which would become a lifelong career and ambition, but even though Ray was taught to fight in a gym that was shared by many other fighters he was unique, you see Ray was fast with a good jab, had tremendous footwork, amazing punching power, a high boxing IQ, and a style so smooth that his trainers stated that it was as sweet as sugar; it was these qualities that allowed Ray to swiftly dominate most of the other fighters in his way and establish himself as a true all time great. Another one of Ray’s most impressive feats were the level of competition that he faced and trust me when I tell you that these guys were no pushovers among some of the names that he faced were Randy Turpin, Carmen Basilio, Jake Lamotta of which he would have six wars with, Gene Fullmer, Kid Gavilan, and Rocky Graziano, real killers of their time and while it would take forever to go over all of his wins and losses since the man had roughly 200 fights this was yet another testament to his legacy. Ray Robinson was such a influential figure in the sport of boxing that even other all-time greats such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Sugar Rashad Evans would take on either his name or his style even to this day. To finally top it off Sugar Ray Robinson’s legacy be remembered for not merely just his in ring performance but also by the flamboyance he displayed outside of the ring since enjoyed some of the finer things in life such as the flashy clothing, the charm and good looks that made him the envy of the public eye, and the extravagant pink flamingo Cadillac that he drove. Sugar Ray was truly a man to be revered in the sport of boxing and will always be remembered for the champion that he was and the barriers that he broke, but would these have been enough to defeat his present day rival.

In today’s sport it’s hard to mention the word boxing or P4P great without thinking or mentioning Floyd Mayweather, let’s face it whether you like the man or not you have to acknowledged that he’s stepped to the plate time and time again and faced the hungry contenders that have been placed in front of him both winning yet another belt and keeping his 0 intact. Floyd Mayweather is a technical genius in the sport of boxing, one that possesses an excellent jab, the in ring generalship and speed to offset any opponent, and not only can he utilize these as offensive tools, he can switch them up to serve as an untouchable defense. When Floyd made his pro debut on October 11, 1996, like Ray Robinson he established himself as a unique individual with some commentators and observers such as Gil Clancy and Emmanuel Steward calling him a prodigy, and how right they were Floyd would go on from defeating the respected Genaro Hernandez to adding to his list of victims the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Saul Alvarez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez, and most recently Marcos Maidana. In this era full of young and hungry contenders Floyd has to be on top of his game to stay at the pinnacle of boxing and so he does, if you’ve never seen Floyd train before it’s hard to imagine that anyone makes as hard of an effort in the gym as he does putting in hours of time in the gym to keep perfect the skill set that has allowed him to remain at the top of the Pound for Pound list. Like the great Ray Robinson before him Floyd has a flamboyant personality and with the ridiculous amount of cash he makes per fight it’s hard not to see the fruits of his labor with the wide assortment of cars and designer’s clothes in his possession. But the question remains if Floyd has ever truly faced the level of competition Ray Robinson came up against and could he have fought on par with a fighter that has mastered the very craft of boxing itself and can utilize every style of boxing available from boxing to the inside game.

Now despite the personal feelings you may or may not have for these two fighters, you will have to acknowledge that they are both very talented and skilled at their craft and most likely don’t have very many equals.I can see this fight being a technical battle that will force these two to bring out their A game in order to find a way to win and in that moment is when you can truly judge the worth of a champion. Not only would the in ring battle be interesting but imagine the clash of personalities that would result in the press conferences leading up to the fight. I’d like to know your opinions who do you have winning in this battle of P4P greats.


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