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Cotto vs Martinez

On June 7, Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez will meet each other at theMadison Square Gardenin a battle that will determine middleweight supremacy. Words have been exchanged betwee the camps of theses two fighters and as the fight nears the tension between these two fighters has begun to mount. Sergio Martinez feels that Miguel Cotto has been unfair in his demands for the fight, claiming that he should have the red corner and that he should also be introduced last to the ring which are rights reserved for the champion. Cotto on the other hand feels that his demands are just and that as the bigger draw in Madison Square Garden he should have those rights to himself saying that Sergio Martinez is the B side and that he is the A side in this event.

Miguel Cotto has recently united with renowned trainer Freddie Roachand under his tutelage we witnessed him produce a 3rd round stoppage of Delvin Rodriguez. This fight is most definitely going to be a good one as both fighters intend to end this fights as soon as possible and have promised us fans a stoppage. Sergio, despite having pin in his camp has said that the fight will not reach the ninthand Cotto belives Freddie Roach will bring out the best in him to produce a stoppage. A win for either of these fighters could be a setup for big money fights in the future whilea loss could push that fighter towards retirement. Stay tuned for further updates and. Check out he faceoff and video section for highlights on both fighters as well as the faceoff.


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