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Can Joel Diaz fix Victor Ortiz?

Victor Ortiz training with Joel Diaz

Victor Ortiz has reportedly been spotted in Coachella Valley under the tutelage of Joel Diaz but one can only wonder if this will do anything to help the current predicament the young fighter keeps finding himself in. In the past Victor was a brazen young fighter with decent hand speed, a solid chin, nice boxing skills, and a tricky southpaw stance that came equipped with knockout power, but this resolve and talent that he carried took a turn for the worst after he lost by knockout to Marcos Maidana in a fight that had him second guessing whether or not he wanted to continue fighting in the sport that has been known in the past for its brutality. Since that night Victor would be impressive during his comeback trail scoring a draw against Lamont Peterson against Lamont Peterson in what was an entertaining fight knocking out Vivian Harris and Hector Altorre and then defeating Andre Berto in an impressive Unanimous decision victory it was downhill from there as he would go on to lose to Floyd Mayweather, Josesito Lopez, and Luis Collazo. Victor hadn’t been heard from since then until a video surfaced a little while ago with Victor making derogatory comments toward Marcos Maidana and Floyd Mayweather, a little while later would see him being spotted in the gym of Julio Diaz apparently training for future bouts. Victor doesn’t seem to have any doubts about his return to the boxing ring stating that his losses don’t define him but it’s important for a fighter to know that before the public can believe in them they must believe in themselves.

It’s been speculated that the fights with Maidana, Mayweather, and Lopez have left Ortiz broken but this cold also be the result o the hard upbringing that he claims to have had. Training with Joel Diaz can be good in order for Victor to sharpen his boxing skills but he must also learn to get himself together on the mental front or else getting in the ring won’t do him any good. Hopefully things will work out for Ortiz and he can get himself back into competing shape so that we can see him in the ring again but boxing is often an unpredictable sport and who knows what lies ahead. Until then I’ll keep you up to date on the latest developments that come along regarding this and other topics.


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