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Who should Gennady Golovkin fight in the future

Gennady Golovkin savagely punches Matthew Macklin

Since Gennady Golovkin has entered the ring he has been tearing into virtually every opponent he’s been matched up against leaving me and every other observer to wonder just one single question when we watch him, when does the slaughter end and who will be next. I’m not even sure if there is one word that I can use to accurately describe the way that this man punches so I’ll just let you look at the photos I upload of him so that you can make of it what you will, I’ll say this however it’s hard not to feel for the people that he fights as usually he stays on them from round one and then doesn’t let up until the opposing corner either throws in the towel or the fighter is to badly beaten to even have the resolve to stand anymore. With a record of 29 wins and 26 of those wins coming by way of knockout its not hard to see why most of the top level names in the sport don’t want any part of this man, though he has as of late been experiencing a meteoric rise to stardom he is a little short on opponents that are willing to face him.

Apparently Golovkin’s mandatory challenger is Jarrod Fletcher but he has his sights set on Daniel Geale whom he’s looking forward to fighting on July 26th at the Madison Square Garden. Earlier on this year Golovkin was turned down by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Sergio Martinez, a fight he was looking forward to making until the son of the legend set his sights on other ventures and Sergio Martinez ended getting Miguel Cotto as an opponent in a few weeks. All five of these men including Andre Ward are fighters that I would love nothing more than to see GGG matched up against in fights that would put boxing fans the world over on their feet, not to mention the fact that these bouts would make for lucrative paydays for all parties involved, and I’d love nothing more than to cover the build up to the those fights. Golovkin has stated that whatever the future may hold he will continue to keep his head up and look forward to what the future brings. I for one wish him well in his future pursuits. Be sure to check out Gennady Golovkin’s highlights in our video section.


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