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Julio Cesar Chavez vs Roberto Duran

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Roberto Duran

Roberto Duran, the name itself is enough to invoke the fear of god into the soul of any man inside of the boxing world that heard it and for good reason, simply put he was a beast that set out to not only humiliate his opponents outside of the ring but to destroy them inside of it in such a brutal fashion that they likely thought twice about facing him or continuing their boxing career for that matter. Need more proof his punching power was such that he was nicknamed (Hands of Stone) for his vicious punching power. A true pugilist Duran was most known for the way he mauled and dismembered every single opponent that had the nerve to step into the ring to face him as I stated before but that is not to say that he did not have boxing skills which he could utilize on a whim to change up the landscape in a boxing match. Duran’s talent was such that he was named as a member of the Fabulous Four a group of boxers that included Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas (Hitman) Hearns Roberto (Hands of Stone) Duran, and Marvelous Marvin Hagler were so talented in the era in which they fought that they needed to be put into a class of their own.

On the other hand we have the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez, he holds the record for the most successful defenses of world titles at (27), the most title fights victories at (31), and the most title fights at (37), Chavez had many things in common with Roberto Duran such as his punching power and his fearlessness against the opponents that he faced in the ring. Despite the odds that he faced Chavez never stopped coming forward at anyone or anything that dared to come face to face with him, this and the fact that he was an expert at cutting off the ring, forcing even the slickest of boxers to face him in an ugly fight made him a force to truly be reckoned with. While we’re at it lets not forget the iron beards that these two men possessed and the fact that they were extremely resilient in a firefight I’m not even sure if words can accurately describe the punishment that these two could take and what they were willing to walk through in order to get the W.

How about it who do you think wins this firefight between fighters as dangerous as these two, does it go the distance or does it end in an early and brutal fashion? One things for sure, it won’t be pretty.


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