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Juan Manuel Marquez defeats Mike Alvarado and proves that 40 is the new 20

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Mike Alvarado

Most of knew it was going to be a good fight, most of us knew who our picks for this fight were before the opening bell rang and the familiar feeling of anticipation and excitement filled us as we watched Marquez and Alvarado engage each other, what most of us weren’t expecting however was just how effectively the older Marquez would school and dominate the younger Alvarado effectively setting traps and counters that Alvarado walked right into and couldn’t seem to find an answer to throughout the fight. Before the fight even began in the ring for Marquez there was another fight being waged in the media as to whether or not Marquez’s age would cause him problems as we saw him lose a wide decision to Timothy Bradley last year and was on the verge of defeat before stopping Manny Pacquiao. This fight is just what Marquez needed to show the critics and the fans that he still has the stuff to continue competing with the new blood we are now seeing in today’s generation and no doubt this win over a younger opponent in a world championship bout will put the division on notice. Marquez’s performance was an impressive one and despite a few mistakes he made during the fight he may have more years left in him yet.

Alvarado for his part didn’t do nearly enough to win this fight and during the early rounds looked gun-shy against Marquez, an advantage Marquez took advantage of to damage Alvarado early on. Now to be fair when Alvarado started to let his hands go in the later rounds he did begin to hurt Marquez and even went so far as to score a knockdown in the ninth, but this was only after his corner practically begged to fight back after taking a beating early on. This loss could be a blow to Alvarado’s career as he just recently lost to Ruslan Provodnikov by TKO and with this new loss to Marquez I doubt he can continue on a losing streak while competing on the upper tier levels in boxing. This fight was significant to both Marquez and Alvarado because they both came into this fight looking for a second chance after both men lost their last fights to Ruslan Provodnikov and Timothy Bradley respectively. Should Alvarado have beaten Marquez it’s entirely possible that he would have been matched up against Manny Pacquiao in what would have been a lucrative bout for him, but that chance has now been given to Marquez.

Now that the dust has been settled in this bout of youth vs experience it’s safe to say experience has once again triumph, and to their credit guys like Bernard Hopkins, Juan Manuel Marquez and the Klitschko brothers keep proving that despite their advanced age they still have it in them to school the new talent in these divisions. The only problem with this fight is whether or not people want to see a fifth Marquez/ Pacquiao fight, personally I think that the fan will agree with me when I say that we’d rather see Pacquiao Mayweather happen since it’s been talked about for the past several years but little to nothing has ever come of it. What are your thoughts? What will become of Alvarado? Do you guys want to see a fifth fight with Marquez and Pacman? Be sure to check out highlights of this fight in our video category.

Marquez landing a left hook on Mike Alvarado


One comment on “Juan Manuel Marquez defeats Mike Alvarado and proves that 40 is the new 20

  1. be sure to check out the highlights of the fight in the videos section

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