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Is Shawn Porter the future of boxing?

shawn porter vs paulie mallignaggi

Every once in a while there emerges new talent in the sport of boxing which often include new faces with new styles, skills and talent, but needless to say not all of that talent manages stick around as the demands of the sport such as long training hours, time away from loved ones, and needs of the media takes its toll on these new fighters. Nevertheless through it all there is always that one golden apple that manages to stay around regardless of these trials and in this case that would have to be a fighter named Shawn Porter. Shawn Porter since his arrival in boxing started out in the same way most of his peers did, he was a little known fighter competing on the undercards of most well known fighters as well as the sparring partner of a more well known fighter but he persevered and soon found himself stepping up in competition and facing the likes of Julio Diaz fighting him to a draw in their first fight defeating Phil Lo Greco and then defeating Julio Diaz in their rematch. As time progressed it started to become clear that indeed Shawn Porter was special as he not only earned a title shot against IBF Welterweight Champion Devon Alexander but also proved himself by defeating him in impressive fashion to claim the belt. Shawn’s performance although being impressive put him on the radar of challenger Paulie Malignaggi an accomplished fighter that while not known for his punching power had posed a legitimate threat in terms boxing skills. So what does a young newly crowned champion do when posed with a threat that could end his reign…. its obvious he steps up to the plate, takes the test and passes with flying colors which is exactly what Shawn did stopping the seasoned veteran Paulie inside of four rounds to retain the title proving that his stay is not a flash in the pan, but rather a permanent one. All I can say is this if Shawn continues to dominate the way he has been recently it won’t be long before we see him in the top P4P rankings that’s for sure. So what are your thoughts? What does the future hold for the young, strong, and hungry champion Shawn Porter>


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