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Danny Garcia wins Controversial Decision Over Mauricio Herrera

Danny Garcia vs Mauricio Herrera

Danny Garcia faced Mauricio Herrera on March 15, 2014 in what was expected to be a dominating performance for Danny considering how well he boxed against Lucas Matthysse last year, what boxing fans got however was a less than inspiring fight against Mauricio Herrera which saw the veteran give the Danny almost more than he could handle for most of the fight. The fight itself took place in Puerto Rico and attracted quite a turnout considering that Danny Garcia himself is a Puerto Rican and has been on the rise in the past few years defeating the likes of Erik Morales, Amir Khan, and Lucas Matthysse in the process raising his status from just a regular contender to that of an upper eschelon fighter. Despite the success he’s had in recent fights it did little to stop Mauricio Herrera from giving Danny trouble as he used boxing skills and a good jab to score well against Danny in the fight, it should be noted that in the past we have seen Danny troubled in the past by people who use speed, power, and boxing skills to approach him as even Erik Morales gave Danny trouble in their first fight by using these tools and later Amir Khan did the same before getting reckless and caught with a knockout blow that decked him. In spite of a not so impressive win Danny showed the grit and will that has allowed him to reach this level in the boxing world and on Herrera’s part since he did fight quite well against Danny and wasn’t outright dominated its safe to say that his career hasn’t exactly taken a huge blow, in fact he has only gained more notoriety as most observers felt he was cheated. Hopefully we can see a rematch between these two and find out who the better man truly is. What are your thoughts if a rematch between these happened how would it play out?


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