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Amir Khan dominates Luis Collazo in a twelve round decision. But has he earned a shot at Floyd Mayweather?

On May 3rd the pay per view being titled The Moment took place and featured a card which held some of boxing’s finest fighters of both the present and the future including Floyd Mayweather, Marcos Maidana, Adrien Broner, Carlos Molina, Amir Khan, and Luis Collazo the last two of which this article is about. Amir Khan and Luis Collazo squared off on that night both with something to prove, Khan attempting to breathe more life into his career in order to regain the position he once held at the heights of boxing and Collazo the aging yet proven veteran attempting to make on last go of it at a young bull, indeed the classic case of youth vs experience that this sport has seen time and again yet in this instance it was youth that prevailed as Khan used his superior hand and footspeed as well as putting together nice combinations that confused and hurt the veteran as well as dropping him and keeping him frustrated most of the night. For his part Collazo did the best that he could to lure Khan into a brawl that he would most likely have had the advantage in since it became obvious that he would not be able to match the younger Khan’s speed. Despite his best efforts Collazo would be dropped three time in the fight on the way to losing a decision to Khan at the end. It appears that the roles of these two fighters has been reversed as it was Collazo whose reputation was on fire after stopping Victor Ortiz after two rounds and it was Khan that had something to prove after losing his last two fights before defeating Julio Diaz by decision, now it would seem as though Khan is once again on his way to the top and Collazo’s future could be questionable as at this point although to be fair he did lose to a solid contender so lets not count him out just yet. Despite the outcome of this fight both fighters put on a great showing and can’t be faulted for doing their best.

However, there is one question that has been looming around the boxing world after Khan’s impressive performance against Collazo and that is whether he has earned a shot at the pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather who managed to scrape by the hardy Marcos Maidana whom Khan had also fought in the past. In all honesty Khan has been proving himself well winning his last two bouts against Collazo and Julio Diaz whilst before that he lost twice to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia and to be upfront you can’t really say that Julio Diaz and Luis Collazo are at the absolute top of the boxing p4p rankings nor are they really considered elite fighters. While defeating these two doesn’t really give Khan the validation he needs to fight Floyd Mayweather it is becoming a bit difficult to find an opponent for Floyd Mayweather and Khan while exactly not having fought the very best opponents as of late appears to be a very inviting challenge for Floyd. What are your thoughts has Amir Khan earned a shot at Floyd Mayweather and if this fight did happen would it be a competitive fight?Amir Khan vs Luis Collazo


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