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Floyd Mayweather decisions Marcos Maidana in a tough battle to win WBA Super Welterweight Title

Floyd Mayweather decisions Marcos Maidana in a tough battle to win WBA Super Welterweight Title

Marcos Maidana (right) connects with an overhand right on Floyd Mayweather (left)

May 3rd saw Floyd Mayweather face off against Marcos Maidana in which he was heavily favored to win with little to no trouble and while Floyd did win its safe to say that Marcos Maidana delivered as well giving the “Money Man” his fair share of problems during the fight by landing overhand rights and other power shots that the champion didn’t see coming. Whatever the perception was of Marcos Maidana before hand one thing is obvious and its that he will not lose anything he carries to the ring without a fight. Marcos earned a shot at Floyd by the defeating Mayweather’s close friend Adrien Broner in a shocking fashion leaving many in the boxing world to wonder if he could also score an upset in similar fashion against Floyd himself, well he certainly got his chance and proved himself despite receiving a loss which didn’t really tarnish his reputation considering his performance. Its likely that we’ll see Marcos again in the future as talks have been circulating of a possible rematch between the two.

On the part of Floyd, considering that he was surrounded by a myriad of problems outside of the ring he nonetheless rallied against the relentless Maidana to score a victory over the vicious Argentine puncher thus proving once again that he is the best in the division right now. Although Floyd appeared to be in a bit of a mental battle as well as a physical one he displayed all of the qualities of a champion by digging deep and finding the will to fight back against the bigger fighter. May 3rd was definitely a tough challenge for the champ and hopefully everything works well for him outside of the ring so that we can see him again, until then id like to know your thoughts on the matter. Should there be a rematch and if not who should Floyd fight next?


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