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Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather

The golden age of boxing took place years ago during a time when titles were few in number, the best fought the best, and in order to establish themselves as a true champions fighters, especially African Americans had to overcome immense obstacles on their way to the top. In this era there was one fighter […]

Sergio Martinez highlights

Sergio Martinez highlights

Miguel Cotto highlights

Cotto/Martinez faceoff

Cotto/Martinez faceoff

Cotto vs Martinez

On June 7, Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez will meet each other at theMadison Square Gardenin a battle that will determine middleweight supremacy. Words have been exchanged betwee the camps of theses two fighters and as the fight nears the tension between these two fighters has begun to mount. Sergio Martinez feels that Miguel Cotto […]

Can Joel Diaz fix Victor Ortiz?

Victor Ortiz has reportedly been spotted in Coachella Valley under the tutelage of Joel Diaz but one can only wonder if this will do anything to help the current predicament the young fighter keeps finding himself in. In the past Victor was a brazen young fighter with decent hand speed, a solid chin, nice boxing […]

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Mike Alvarado highlights