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Spence vs Ocampo

Tonight Errol Spence will be facing Carlos Ocampo in defense of his IBF welterweight championship in what many believe is a fight that Spence is widely expected to win. Although Ocampo is no doubt a spirited competitor and will likely be headed into the with the intent to dethrone Spence as the reigning champ, a brief comparison of the skills that both of these two fighters have displayed in the past makes it quite obvious with respect being paid equally to Ocampo as a prizefighter, that Spence is without question in a class of his own. Perhaps the question however that lingers more on the minds of most fans of this sport is what lies beyond the horizon for Spence if he wins this fight as expected. While Ocampo is in fact the mandatory challenger that Spence must face, unfortunately, he is not the fighter that most fans want to see Spence face as the possibility of Terrance Crawford and Spence facing each other has been floated around as well.

A fight between the two fighters would make sense as Spence seems indomitable at welterweight and Crawford is the the undisputed king at the weight class. Such a match-up between these two fighters would truly make for a case of unstoppable force meets the immovable object. It appears as though for the time being that whichever path Spence chooses to take after this fight, at least for the time being it seems as though all roads lead to Crawford if Spence want to full-fill his dream of unifying the the division and becoming the new kingpin of the welterweight division himself. As we near the hour of the fight itself and the excitement as well as anxiety that we all share mutually, both as fight fans and as fighters intensifies in the end it appears as though all we can do is wait until the bell rings and the fighters meet each other in the ring as they have done so many countless times in the past. What are your thoughts? Should Spence and Crawford meet up? Is a confrontation between the two inevitable whether in the welterweight of middleweight divisions?

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What’s next for Terrance Crawford?

Last night Terrance Crawford faced Jeff Horn last night in a fight that saw him completely dismantle the former Australian champion in a fight that lasted for 9 rounds and saw Horn get battered all throughout. For his part Horn fought valiantly and attempted to keep up with Crawford but it was painfully obvious throughout the fight that the difference in skill level between the two men was far too wide for Horn to continue keeping up with the pace that Crawford set. Crawford heading into the fight was already a heavy favorite against Horn in the eyes of most of the fans and was expected to win easily, especially when Horn struggled against an aging Manny Pacquiao and was given what was thought to be a gift decision in his own country. One question that now lingers in the aftermath of the fight is the matter of what is next for the undisputed welterweight champion who has now captured every belt in the division and solidified his status as the king of the division. A very strong possibility for Crawford would be to face Errol Spence for the status of the true pound for pound king of the division as Spence himself as made quite the name for himself at the weight class as well amassing quite the impressive knockout record at welterweight. Many feel that a clash between the two fighters is inevitable and that it only makes sense that the two should meet each other in the ring for what should be a classic match-up.

Another possible move for Crawford would be to move up in weight and challenge at the middleweight ranks as he contends to for the middleweight titles. This could be a most interesting move when one considers the pool of dangerous talent that is lurking in the middleweight ranks such as the Charlo brothers, GGG, and Danny Jacobs. No doubt it’s possible that Crawford would end facing fighters that would provide him with very solid challenges and set him up for potentially big paydays. However, for the most part, it seems that all that most boxing fans can do nowadays is wait as Crawford takes some time to wind down, rest, and consider his next moves in the division. Whichever path it is that Crawford chooses, it is entirely likely that he will continue to improve and impress as he progresses throughout his career.

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Meldrick Taylor Vs Manny Pacquiao


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Boxing has more than seen its share of fighters that step into the ring equipped with blistering hand speed from Mike Tyson, Aaron Davis, and Ali to Gary Russel Jr and and Roy Jones to name a few. Although I could most definitely add on to this list today my attentions are moreso focused on two speedsters in particular who were huge stars in their era and overwhelmed a slew of opponents with some of the fastest hands the sport has ever seen. Today fans I give you the fantasy boxing match-up between Meldrick Taylor and the Pac-Man Manny Pacquiao as well as my analysis on what would have been the outcome of their match had they met at welterweight.


Ask anyone who Manny Pacquiao is and odds are you’ll receive a variety of different responses, some would likely be happy to tell you about him, his many championships, his charitable donations, and his multi-divisional accomplishments and championships as a fighter and on the other hand you have those fans that would look insulted that you have no clue as to who the Pac- Man is. But if I could use one word to describe him it would be…. FAST… this is one word that no one would ever be able to deny about Pacquiao especially given the many demonstrations he has provided us with in the ring. Ever since Pacquiao joined forces with illustrious trainer Freddie Roach he has seen no end to improvement and a variety of victories over great Latin American legends such as Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Miguel Cotto has shown the Filipino to indeed be a force to reckoned with. As Floyd Mayweather put it in his victory over his nemesis, victory was not easy and Pacquiao was indeed a solid test.


On the other end we have Meldrick Taylor who in the 80’s and 90’s was a fast rising star well on his way to super-stardom and was being groomed by Lou Duva to fill the shoes of the departing Sugar Ray Leonard and those who watched this young contender in action were afterward very pressed to say the same. Taylor had few detractors and as he rapidly progressed he began to add to his list of victims a few noteworthy names such as Aron Davis for example. Yet on March 17, 1990 his star fell short at the hands of Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez and his career took a nosedive that never recovered from that point forward.  Sad to say that unlike Pacquiao, Taylor never experienced his full potential and in later years would his name fade into a sort of obscurity as like with Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier his name would and to this day is synonymous with the man who bested him, Julio Cesar Chavez. Although he is one of my personal favorites its sad to say that today not very many people of today’s generation know who Taylor is outside of his encounter with Chavez. But how would a match with Pacman have panned out, would Taylor have defeated him or fallen short of victory as a contest of speed began to unfold?


No doubt as with other contests the opening rounds would be a feeling out process with both southpaw and right handed fighter attempting to establish lead foot dominance and the jab to set the pace for the rest of the fight. Both Taylor and Pacquiao would no doubt circle while firing a series of fast jabs that would continue until one got the other’s rhythm or an adjustment was made by their corners. I believe as though Taylor’s boxing skill and sense timing would confuse and frustrate Manny Pacquiao in the early stages of the bout perhaps rounds 1-3 as the fight nears to the middle rounds. Despite his early advantage one must not forget that both Taylor and Pacquiao have both during their fights developed the bad habit of being reckless and having a vulnerability to body punches so the fight enters into 4-7 either cut would develop on either man as has happened in the past or one would start to slow as a result of being hit repetitively with body blows and this would be the deciding factor of the fight. Rounds 8-12 would without a doubt be the bloodiest and most brutal of the match as the fighter that slows will no doubt continue taking a beating until either the match is stopped or goes to a decision. To be honest I leave the outcome to that of the fans as this would be a match-up too difficult for me to decide. As I’ve stated before both men share similar strengths and weaknesses and I believe that the victor would be decided on who would keep their composure the longest. Seeing as how both men loved to engage in fire fights this is one fight that could very well be unpredictable in nature….but then again hasn’t that always been the nature of boxing. Be sure to comment and tell me what you think fellow fans






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Claressa Shields Keys to victory

Image result for claressa shields

  Claressa Shields has since her debut into the boxing world has widely been touted as quite possibly the best female fighter in in the women’s division despite her having only a few fights under her belt and the fact that she has been given a title shot so early into her professional career seems to only be proof that she has a great deal of backing from both promoters and fans alike. Tonight Claressa will meet Nikki Adler to determine who is the best in the women’s division and who has earned the right to hold the WBC and IBF super middleweight championship belts and although she is widely expected to win she has nonetheless taken her training seriously as she has prepared for what is shaping up to be the most important fight of her young career. In her way is Nikki Adler who is the current undefeated champion and kingpin of the middleweight division.

While Adler may not have the blistering hand and foot speed we’ve seen of Claressa she is nonetheless undefeated for a reason and as such is not someone that should be taken lightly regardless of the quality of her competition. That said what are the Claressa’s keys to victory and what should she do in order to secure the title belts coming home with her?

  • Use speed: There is an old saying in boxing that speed kills and seeing as how she has a ton of it Claressa should make the most of hers to keep Adler off balance and confused.
  • Utilize power punches: Shields most recently in a sparring video with Cris Cyborg was shown throwing punches with devastating force and also seems to be much stronger than Adler in that regard, as a result she would be well served to use that power to deal the champion hard blows.
  • Utilize Boxing skill: The fact that she holds two golds medals should be proof enough that Shields has the talent to compete at the upper echelons of the boxing world and it is tool that she has used with great skill to win her past couple of fights and is something that is bound to give Adler fits if used properly tonight.
  • Movement: While Adler has seemed to be flatfooted in her past fight Claressa by comparison moves fast on her feet and in coordination with her hands could pose serious problems for the champ, the use of movement should definitely allow Claressa to create various angles of attack in which to land shots throughout the night.

I believe that it is with these keys Claressa should be able to take home the victory and the title belts tonight, until then I wish the best to both fighter and wait with the rest of the fans in anticipation of fight night.

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Shields Vs Adler

Tomorrow Claressa Shields and Nikki Adler will face off in what has shaped up to be one of the most anticipated fights of this year. As it is this match has already begun making waves in the boxing world because one of the participants Claressa Shields a two time Olympic Gold medalist will be making a bid for the WBC and IBF super middleweight titles. Even though Nikki Adler is the champion it is Shields who is largely expected to to be the winner of tomorrow’s bout although this does not mean that Shields should make the mistake of counting out Adler who has proven herself to be a hardy fighter in past bouts. As anyone knows anything can happen in the sport of boxing and if Adler proves to be crafty in the ring one could begin to understand why she may prove to be trouble for Shields.

As anticipation for the fight begins to build it’s not difficult for anyone to understand exactly why it is that Claressa Shields is favored to win tomorrow’s bout however, she is younger, faster, and from the looks of it more skilled than Adler who has in past fights seemed to possess much slower hands in comparison to the lightning fast speed demonstrated by Shields in a recent sparring session with Cris Cyborg. Cyborg herself has stated that she believes that Shields will dominate the bout from start to finish. One thing is for sure when Adler steps into the ring she will be facing a young contender with two gold medals of boxing experience under her belt and an unfazed desire to win and this is a fighter that will either solidify her status as champion or give way to a new era in boxing dominated by Shields.


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Rigondeaux Vs Lomachenko?

   When both Guillermo Rigondeaux and Lomachenko stepped on to the boxing scene in both 2009 and 2013 respectively the boxing world took note and the praises that these two fighters have received have yet to be proven wrong by any detractors as both Lomachenko and Rigondeaux have both gone on to establish themselves as dominant champions in both the lightweight and bantamweight divisions. But as has always been the case in competitive sports the law of the jungle is that there can never be two kings reigning over one throne, either one concedes or is defeated and takes his places among the unknown and irrelevant or he prevails and as victor establishes himself as the dominant figure.  This is a theme that sets the tone for something that is not new to any boxing fan as when two great fighter emerge it is not long before comparisons are drawn, words are exchanged, and the fans do as they have always done in the past…. they demand blood. Just as the fans took sides with Sugar Ray Robinson vs Jake Lamotta, Leonard vs Hagler, Chavez vs Taylor, Toney vs Jones, and Mayweather vs Pacquiao I anticipate that they will do much of the same with this fight and now that Guillermo Rigondeaux has take many a verbal step to draw Lomachenko into a fight it appears that this is a contest that may happen sooner rather than later for the fans.

For the most part the exchange has taken place more on twitter than anywhere else however the slightest move from either man seems to stir the fans into pressuring both fighters into meeting in the ring now. This is a fight that could be very good for boxing because both of these fighters have the slick and skillful styles that truly encompass what it means to call boxing the art of the “sweet science”. One thing is for sure is that while fans generally consider Lomachenko the more entertaining of the two with Rigondeaux being thought of as a less crowd pleasing fighter it goes without saying that in the lighter divisions he is considered to be on of the few fighters capable of holding his own or even defeating Lomachenko for that matter. While this fight has not generally created the same amount of buzz that we saw from the Mayweather Pacquiao fight it is certainly something that has boxing purists and hardcore fans licking their chops in anticipation. But fellow fans as we all know anything can happen in this sport that is itself something both simultaneously beautiful and brutal so until the bell rings we will do as we have always done in the past in anticipation of the great fights we will weather the calm before the storm, pick sides, and wait.


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Whats next for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

On May 6th, millions of boxing fans around the world to watch the showdown that was to determine who was to carry the crown left behind by Oscar De La Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. as the next great Mexican boxing star, unfortunately those expectations were shattered and left many fans outraged some of whom either spent their hard earned dollars to buy the PPV or showed up to the fight to watch it in person. In the opening round all the way to the 12th round it became apparent that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. the son of Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. was going to do little in the way of throwing punches and throughout the fight he way steadily dominated by Saul Canelo Alvarez who looked to be his superior in terms of speed, power, agility and strength. Needless to say the outcome of the fight does not do much to help the case of Chavez who was already suffering from criticism over the course of his career and even now raises more questions than answers. The most prominent question on most people’s minds is what is next for the fighter that was at one time considered to be heir apparent to P4P throne in boxing. Given this most recent loss which was a fight that neither fighter could afford to lose one has to wonder whether or not we’ll ever see Chavez fight at the elite level of boxing ever again considering the beating that he was most recently handed. While his rival Canelo Alvarez has secured a fight with the dangerous GGG it appears that Chavez may fall further into anonymity despite his attempt at recognition or his father’s legacy to back him up. What are your thoughts fans should Chavez retire or continue on in the ring.